Sourcing replacement pins for AM4 CPUs

Sourcing replacement pins for AM4 CPUs
By Michael Wolf, Penig, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

CPUs in a PGA (Pin Grid Array) package are notorious for taking damage when being handled without proper care. CPUs with a heatspreader (e.g. AM4) tend to stick to the cooler while being removed, resulting in sudden movements when the CPU is forcibly being pulled out of the locked socket. Dropping the CPU or using inappropiate packaging may also damage the CPU.
The result: bent or broken Pins and an unusable CPU!

There are good news though. Bent pins can often be corrected using a hypodermic needle and precise movements, pins that are broken off can be replaced. After removing the rest of the broken pin a new pin can be attached. But where do you get those? Besides the obvious choice of transplanting the pins of another AM4 CPU (and potentially sacrificing an otherwise functioning CPU) or paying way too much money on eBay or similar sites, you can also harvest the pins from older/obsolete CPUs that happen to use the exact same pins. In case of AM4 CPUs this is true for (but not limited to) mobile Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge Intel CPUs. So with the low investment of 5-10€ (or less) you can pick up one of those CPUs and have hundreds of replacement pins available.

Here's a comprehensive list of applicable CPUs:
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Check for CPUs with the "M" suffix