Proscend 190-T with Netcologne FTTB Part 1

Netcologne is currently offering up to 1Gbit/s with their FTTC/FFTB connections. In case of FTTB the installation consists of a Mini-DSLAM installed in the basement of the building. For some reason (most likely cost and standardization) all connections are made via - no matter the distance or other factors. This means instead of just converting to cable/fibre based ethernet every customer has to get a modem and jump through the hoops of two additional media changes.

Since I detest having additional plastic boxes with uneeded features, power consumption and heat output in my rack I decided to order a modem in a SFP package - specificially the 190-T from Proscend, which seems to use the MT-5321 Chipset. It's pretty much just a dumb modem that presents itself as an ethernet device, can be used with PPPoE and typically consumes about 3W. According to the Netcologne technician everything should just work.

I'm planning to use the module in conjunction with an Intel PCIe SFP card in a x86 based OpenWRT Router.

Totally genuine Intel PCIe SFP card.

More updates will follow as soon as parts are arriving and Netcologne installs the Mini-DSLAM!

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